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Fundraising That Works

We support many organizations and assist them in raising funds.

At Sun Mountain Fun Center, we provide several ways for your organization to raise money. And what better way to support your team, club, business, church, or school than by having fun?!

We have experience and flexiblity to help you create a fundraising campaign that works!

Buy & Sell Cards

We provide this option for those wanting to do some leg work within their organization.

With these cards you purchase a set number of cards up front for a discounted price and then resell the cards to the public, collecting the difference for your organization.

The amount of the discount depends on the number of cards purchased up front. Typically the discount starts at 30% and has the option of rising to 50% when large amounts are purchased.

Each card is sold by your organization for the face value of $16.75 and your organization has the possibility to make between $4.95 and $8.35 per card.

The Hand-Out Flyer

The Flyer option has less predictability and less flexibility, but requires less work from your team.

With this option you work out a date that works for both your organization and Sun Mountain Fun Center and we provide you with a master flyer to make copies that you hand out to potential supporters to bring to our facility on the agreed upon date and time.

During that time, your supporters perform the activities of their choice, and your organization receives a portion of
their total in the form of a check a few days after the event.

Ready to start a fundraiser?

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There are two kinds of bowlers – those who wouldn’t miss the opportunity to play every week and those who bowl once in a blue moon just for fun. The goal of any successful Bowl-a-thon fundraiser is to merge these two groups and make money by asking bowlers to pledge a minimum amount and raise additional funds to be eligible for fundraising prizes.

Sun Mountain Fun Center has extensive experience in helping groups raise money through Bowl-a-thon’s. Give us a call today to start your next fundraiser


The traditional Bowl-A-Thon has existed for decades and remains a great fundraising event for large groups.

We host very successful Bowl-A-Thons every year for such organizations as Special Olympics, Bowl For Kids Sake, Junior Achievement and more. Those organizations have raised upwards of $25,000 in a single day using this format.

With the traditional Bowl-A-Thon, your organization recruits participants to bowl on the tournament day. This can either be individuals or teams. Those participants are tasked with getting sponsorships from people in the community based on a total score for a designated number of games bowled by each participant.

Your organization pays a discounted rate for each game of bowling and your organization retains all of your pledge money collected at the end of the tournament.

This option usually takes several months to organize but results in the largest returns for your organization or cause.

Mini Golf Tournaments

Across the United States, golf tournaments are one of the largest fundraising formats available. Most of you have either participated in a golf tournament or know many people, especially men, that have most likely participated in one or more golf tournaments this past year alone.

At Sun Mountain Fun Center we have scaled this popular fundraising format down to the Mini-Golf Tournament. The advantage is that it opens up each tournament to everyone from kids to grandparents in the same tournament.

The format is as simple or complicated as you want to make it.

Your organization is tasked to recruit teams to participate in a tournament on a specific date selected by your organization and Sun Mountain Fun Center.

Like a real golf tournament, your organization can solicit corporate hole sponsors, team sponsors, prizes and more to add to your organizations total fundraising package for the tournament. The sky is the limit.
We will work with you to make this golf tournament the must attend event of the season for your group!



Getting started
You will need to arrange a time and date to play at Sun Mountain Fun Center that’s best done well in advance. Seasonal factors will affect price and availability. To maximize attendance, price your golf event tickets at reasonable prices.

Once you have a date booked, you will need to publicize your event. Work with local radio or TV station to become a sponsor and really promote the event. Put together a press release and get it the major media outlets as well. If you need help, you can contact our Ad Agency, Iverson Media. Keep the focus on the most newsworthy aspect of your mini golf tournament, such as why you are raising funds and what the ultimate benefit of your golf fundraiser will be.

Profit tips
One way to raise funds is to get local businesses to sponsor a hole. Keep the prices reasonable, such as $100 to $250 per hole. Sponsors would get signs acknowledging their contribution beside each putting tee.

Think like a business person and encourage sponsors to offer something creative that will bring them customers such as two-for-one coupon given to all players. Or, a business could offer a prize to everyone who beats a certain score or gets a hole in one on the 18th hole.

Besides sponsorships, you can also ask businesses to donate items or services to use as prizes for lowest score, best bank shot, etc.

Fundraising activities
There are lots of activities you can include at your mini golf tournament to raise funds. Your group can sell raffle tickets for a donated prize or, lacking a suitable prize, conduct a 50/50 cash raffle where the winning ticket gets half the raffle sales amount.

You can also offer silent auctions of donated goods and services. Place the items along with attractive descriptions and bid sheets on tables near high-traffic spots. Be sure to tape down paper and pens to make it easy for players to get in a quick bid while still holding their putter.

And don’t forget to ask for donations. You can oftentimes raise a considerable amount just by placing a jug labeled donations right next to where players pay for their rounds.

A mini golf fundraiser is fantastic fun and can be a very profitable event if done right. Maximize your turnout through getting plenty of advance publicity.

Employ multiple fundraising activities to generate additional funds. Conduct raffles and silent auctions or run your own concession stand. Offer prizes for low scores or conduct a hole-in-one contest.

Make your event as much fun as possible and you’ll be surprised at how well you do with your mini golf fundraiser!