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Sun Mountain Fun Center is proud to participate in local fundraising efforts. Each year we donate upwards of $30,000 in goods and services to organizations that better our community. We are committed to “giving back” and supporting those that support our family-owned business.

On average, every week we receive more than 20 requests for donations. It is time consuming to manage all of the requests we get, so we ask for your patience and understanding if we are slow in responding.

We love supporting our community! Shoot us an email if your organization has a request.

Recent Changes

Recent changes in state legislation regarding escalating minimum wage mandates, paid time off regulations, and small business tax increases have increased our expenses by more than 17%. Therefore, we have had to scale back the amount we are able to donate. Many causes we have supported over the years have had to be changed or eliminated. For this we apologize and ask that organizations keep this growing challenge in mind when legislation comes up for vote that effects those businesses in our community that help support the causes we all hold dear to our heats.

Requests for Donations

If you are an organization that would like to submit a request for a donation you need to send the request through email to: scott@sunmountainfun.com  We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. Generally, we do not have time to fill out lengthy donation information sheets, so please keep that in mind when making your request.

Good luck with your event and organization and thanks for your inquiry.

Looking for fundraising options?

We have several options for organizations to put together fundraising events. Traditionally they result in much larger returns than any donation we might make. You can find information about those alternatives on our “Fundraising” page. Groups like Special Olympics and Big Brothers Big Sisters raise more than $25,000 each in a single event every year with our fundraising options.