OPEN: Wednesday-Sunday: 12 pm - 8pm (SEE exceptions)

Walk-in Birthday Party Guidelines

Thank you for choosing Sun Mountain Fun Center for your celebration!

While we do allow walk-in birthday parties and we appreciate your patronage, we have a few guidelines we need for you and your party to follow:

1. Set up your party on any of our tables that are not located in the bowling area.

Tables located on the bowling concourse are designated for patrons that are bowling, and should only be used if your party is actually bowling and only during the time a game is in session. For your celebration, meal and gift exchange you may use any of the tables located in the public seating area outside of bowling. Check with staff before setting up. 

2. If your party is bowling, focus your attention on the bowling portion of the party once a game is started.
Help us to avoid the bowling lanes sitting inactive while a game is in session. Do not start a game of bowling and then migrate on to other activities until your game is finished. If a lane sits inactive for a long period of time our friendly staff may request that your party close out the lane so that other patrons can make use of the lane.
3. Do not spread your group out unnecessarily.

Please do not move tables and chairs together without the assistance of our staff. Kindly leave adequate chairs and seating for other guests.

4. Call to let us know that you are coming.

While we do not take reservations, we request that you call ahead and let us know approximately how many people you are expecting so that we can prepare our staff for your party. Without a call ahead we may not be able to accomodate you on a busy day.

5. Temporary tabletop decorations only.

We allow decorations for your party that do not require tape or any other fasteners to hold them down. No nails, staples, tape or glue are permitted.

6. No outside food or drink allowed.
We are a full-service restaurant and our restaurant license does not allow outside food or drink. A cake or cupcakes are the only exceptions and require a signed food waiver.

Thanks again for helping us make Sun Mountain Fun Center an enjoyable experience for all. If you need assistance or have questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of our friendly staff.